Should Authors post their political views to the public

OK, I feel a rant coming on…

[rant]Recently I had found a new author that had great potential to pull me into her paranormal series. I had enjoyed two of the series and have a few more on my huge to be read pile. I have been following authors on twitter, facebook, blogs and websites lately so that I can get updated information on their books and interests. I enjoy reading posts by other fans and authors. This is good because I feel more connected, but bad because somethings I find out things that I don’t like about them.

The new author I recently discovered had a few tweets that were political in nature. While I am involved in politics and have strong views, I am very open to new ideas and find that peoples views are varied. I enjoy the whole debate process. What I don’t enjoy is when some one is cuts down another’s view/opinion with nasty tasteless remarks. That fact is that there are a wide range of views and very often people on the other side of you. To call them stupid or make fun of another view in my opinion can be in bad form as a business person. I own a small business and I can guarantee that I would not touch a political conversation with a client with a ten foot pole. It is really a bad idea because it is often easy to insult a person and possibly lose their business.

So the moral of the story is that I read tweets from two different authors that were mocking views that were important to me – They were not debating they were flat out being condescending. I have stopped following those two authors and will not make an effort to pick up their books in the future. I know it is petty, but frankly I have a huge to be read pile that I have to work through and I do not need to bother with authors whom have been openly dismissive of something that is important to me.

My advice for you authors out there is to not piss off half of your readers who may not have the same views as yours — unless you are a partisan political writer.

If you want me buying your books you don’t have to have the same views as me, but you sure shouldn’t openly make fun of my views either…..


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