Lover Enshrined – J.R. Ward

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I didn’t like this one much. I found Phury whiny beyond belief, or I guess I should say the voice in his head, (the wizard), was annoying and whiny. The wizard fills Phury with self doubt and pity so he turns to drugs in an attempt to mute him. Boo ho cry me a river, get high, then methodically fillet his enemies. Yes he has gone through a lot in his life after the kidnapping and subsequent rescue of his brother Z, but all these actions in a man usually point to a schizophrenia diagnosis, not make him romantic hero material.

Cormia was chosen as his lead mate and Phury has decided that he does not want to force her into the role of unwilling sacrificial virgin. At the end of the last book she was bland and boring. At least she grew as a character. I liked her slightly in the end. I didn’t however buy into the attraction to the two. The chemistry was just not there.

Of course the only true chemistry Phury was concerned about were his drugs – causing him to be interventioned out of the Brotherhood and hit way rock bottom before he bellies up to Narcotics Anonymous.

I felt Phury/Cormia’s plot was more of a filler to the new developing plots, which show some promise. The Omega has a secret son that was planted into the vampire world and has caused the Brotherhood (minus Phury) considerable societal damage and carnage. This twist will make the future books more way more interesting (I hope). John, Blay and Qhinn have many revelations of their own which way overshadow Phury and Cormia. I can’t wait till John and Xhex get together. Qhinn is now a full fledged bodyguard and badboy.

Revhenge also had considerable play time. Apparently he is being blackmailed and is being used as a man whore. His story is ramping up and I can’t wait. I hope he is next. I am all a shutter with the thoughts of his interesting anatomy. Sounds like the guy has some clamping barbs going on down there.

So in summary I feel like this was a transitional book with the promise of much, much more to come. I am glad that Ward has cut back on the slang and brand labeling. There were only a few “ies” thrown in, and they were only mildly annoying — (ex. freshie).

One additional pet peeve I have though is that currently the next new book coming up by Ward is an “insiders” guide. I hate when authors do that. Why not just write compelling accurate stories that don’t need a guide to keep it all together. I don’t want complexity in my guilty pleasure reading.

Rating: B-
Cover: Similar to the others in the series. Nothing to snark about.

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2 thoughts on “Lover Enshrined – J.R. Ward”

  1. I didn’t like Phury’s book. I will see what people are saying about Rhev’s book before I buy it. If it’s like Phury’s I done.

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