Happy Hour at Casa Dracula – Marta Acosta

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Then she meets a sexy guy in an odd suit (Oswald) and finds herself accidentally swapping blood with him while making out (it really is not as gross as it sounds) and contracts a rare disease that has her losing weight and craving blood. Now for most of us losing weight is a bonus, but for this well endowed women (chest wise) it is less than ideal. I absolutely and totally envy the Latino womens ability to flaunt those sexy curves. Not only has she contracted this “disease” but her ex-boyfriend (the jerk above) is a modern day vampire hunter and wants to drive a stake through her heart. Of course he is secretly interested in staking her in an intimate way also — wink, wink.

Milagro is convinced by Oswald’s family to live with them for her safety until they can put a lid on Sebastian. The fun is further compounded when she finds out that Oswald is engaged to a super wonderful woman, has a really snappy, wisecracking grandmother (Edna), another sexy well grounded cousin (Sam) and a flamboyant cousin (Gabriel).

This book is laugh out loud funny and the dialogue is quick and witty. If I would have one criticism I would say it just flowed too quickly because when it was done I wanted more….

Marta Acosta is a new author to me, I will be sure to read her again. Her website is www.martacosta.com

Grade: A — Loved it.

Cover, fun and chicklitish (I know that is probably not a word).

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