Never Lie to a Lady – Liz Carlyle

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I like Carlyle’s writing. She can add a touch of differences that kept the book from blending in with the slew of historicals out there. The emotional depth is great and worth reading.

Grade: B

Cover: Your typical headless heroine in a blue dress….

2 thoughts on “Never Lie to a Lady – Liz Carlyle”

  1. hey angie- i recently read my first liz carlyle. i liked it, so i bought this book. i’m glad you enjoyed it. i like historical heroines who don’t fit the mold. :P

  2. My favorte hero of Carlyle’s has definitely got to be Bentley Rutledge. Ah, young Hell-Bent. Perhaps I was so attached because he appeared in several books before getting one of his own. Perhaps it was because his book went where few romances are willing to go… “The Devil You Know.” You should check it out!

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