The Wolf and the Dove – Kathleen Woodiwiss

To honor the passing of an favorite author, I pulled this off my keeper shelf. I cannot remember how long it has been since I read it, ages for sure.

The interesting thing I am finding is that as I mature, my views and tastes are changing. When I put this on my shelf another decade ago I get the feeling I like it for different reasons then I do now. As an old time bodice ripper it has the elements of a captured, forced slave all the rage in its time. That time has long gone, but it still has elements the keep it on my favorite list.

After her home is invaded, her father killed and her mother stripped to the role of slave and on the brink of madness, Aislinn the heroine proves to be strong, practical and accepting of her situation. She does not resort to TSTL behavior. She realizes she is falling in love with the conquering invader Wulfgar and bravely works hard to change her situation in life.

Wulfgar is your typical dominate male who never understood what love was. I love it when a hero slowly realizes that he is falling in love and does not know how to handle it. He is very clear that he will never marry Aislinn and elevate her from her slave status. However his actions and words are contrary to each other.

An old time epic tale that is truly worth reading. Woodiwiss will a staple on my keeper shelf for a long time. I wonder what the romance world would be like now if a talent like Woodiwiss would emerge from the mass of every increasing paranormal drivel that makes up the market today.

Grade: A, Keeper Status

3 thoughts on “The Wolf and the Dove – Kathleen Woodiwiss”

  1. I would love to reread her but I no longer have her stuff. I believe it may have been the Wolf and the Dove I originally read.

  2. This book has a place in my heart–my Mum recommended it to me! I find that, for me, this one has aged better than The Flame and the Flower. Have you read any of Laura Kinsale’s books? I’ve just been on a Kinsale binge and realised that I’d read one of her books, For My Lady’s Heart, when I was a teenager. And it has definitely stood the test of time for me.

  3. This was one of the first romance novels I read. It is one of my all time favorite books. I reread it every 5 years or so, including when I heard about KEW’s passing. It still holds up. I always loved that Aislinn and Wulfgar have a wisdom and maturity.

    I attribute KEW with instilling in me a love of reading that has never gone away.

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