Should I brave The Harlequin?

I am just wondering if it is worth getting the Harlequin by Hamilton. After the crap that was Danse Macabre, Mistral’s Kiss and Micah I am even hesistant to put my name on the libary loan list for Harlequin.

So far the Amazon reviews seem positive (4 stars) and say the old Anita is back. Dare I have hope???? Is there light at the end of the tunnel.

So is Anita a totally kick-ass bitch or are we still suffering through Anita the magnificant and her oh-so awesome vagina. Anyone read it yet???

2 thoughts on “Should I brave The Harlequin?”

  1. I have only read one book from this author. Well, not even. It was a DNF (Mistrel’s Kiss)
    What a horrible peice of crap that book was.

  2. I was one of Hamilton’s largest fans, trust me. Because I loved the characters so much it’s hard for me to read the current books. I don’t my image of them tainted. My also addicted best friend braves through the new ones, too, and says this one IS better but it’s still mainly sex.

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