Curveball – Kate Angell

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I have previously read Sqeeze Play by the same author, but must not have written a review. I know I liked it. I glom sports romances because the boys are usually bad and need to learn to get over themselves. They usually have woman and money falling all over them, then they meet the girl who bests them and fall hard.

Psycho (my favorite of the group) is mean, bad and a nudist. He gets roped into hiring an inexperienced down on luck woman to renevate his home. Keely has been poor most of her life and really needs this job. She understand Psycho in a way that makes him want to run.

Romeo is beautiful and not used to being denied. Emerson is a sports reporter who is trying really hard to keep him at a distance.

Chaser has been buddies with his best friend and neighbor Jen all his life. Imagine his and her surprise when they accidently kiss and they whole world tilts.

Cover: ok, but the cover model better watch out or her head is going to crack off of that anatomically miniscule neck. When your pony tail is thicker than your neck, you are in trouble.

Grade: B.

One thought on “Curveball – Kate Angell”

  1. Hmm, I love sports romances…this one sounds exactly like something that I want to read soon, I’m in the mood for light and cute, not dark and dangerous.

    Great review!


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