High Stakes – Erin McCarthy

Super funny and a great quick read.

Ethan Carrick is a vampire who owns a casino and happens to be the president of vampires. It is an election year and he has been advised to settle down and take a wife. He thinks he finds her in bubbly, sweet dentist Brittany Baldizzi. Brittany’s sister Alexis is the polar opposite to Brittnay, she is light to her dark, tough to Britt’s sweetness. She is also determined to save her sister from being kidnapped. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for Ethan, who of course is turned on by Alexis instead of Brittany.

I loved Alexis, who is nicknamed by Ethan as BB (Ball Buster). She is protective and guarded and does not give the upper hand to Ethan. They spar with each other verbally and physically from the moment they meet.

In heir first meeting, Alexis’s initial feelings toward Ethan are summed up in the passage.

The calm, casual tone he was using was unnerving. But Alexis readjusted her mental strategy. She was a prosecutor and she knew how to switch gears based on people’s reactions to her. So she stood a little straighter and stuck hour hand out. “Alexis Baldizzi, county prosecutor. I need to speak with you a for a minute”. And rip your nuts off.

Face, nuts, something needed to be ripped off”.

Ethans and Alexis’s verbal byplay is really lol funny. I loved this book.

Grade: A

Cover: Contemporary and a bit close to Chick Lit.

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