All Together Dead – Charlaine Harris

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There is a whole LOT happenin between these pages and I am not going to go into a synopsis of the story because I still think I am lost in the middle. I know how it started, and I know how it ended, but how did we get there? If you have not read any Sookies books, don’t start here.

I am not saying I don’t like this book. I really did like it. Quinn and Sookies relationship has expanded. I have always been a Quinn fan so I was glad to see him still around. Who could not love a man whose tongue has a rough texture???? Eric and Sookies relationship has also changed/expanded. I like Eric too but have the feeling we are being prepared for a triangle. Not sure how I feel about that.

I am going to go back and read the story again because I want to take in the full effect again; as so much of the dynamics has changed. There is a lot of deaths, deception and disaster on all fronts and the door is WIDE open with a zillion “What happened to??? Who is???? Why did??? Without giving spoilers is all I can say is virtually NO ONE is left terribly unscathed in the end…

Grade: B, only because I feel like I am left with far more questions than answers.

Cover: Another typical Sookie characterization…..

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4 thoughts on “All Together Dead – Charlaine Harris”

  1. Very interesting review.
    I have read a few of the books, but I knwo I wont be starting that one till I get caught up on the rest.

  2. You know, I stayed up late to finish this book too. And I feel the same way. LOL I haven’t gotten around to a reread yet. I was kind of scratching my head when Quinn kills that guy at the end – why was Sookie so relieved?

  3. Ames, I am with you. Maybe he killed him because of the forced blood exchange, but then I was confused as to whether it was his idea or the queens order. It appeared to be her order, but there was the thinnly veiled denial that she didn’t know what happened..

    The more I think about the story, the more questions I have. I don’t normally read mysteries and since that is her primary genre, maybe it is ok to leave a lot to ponder. However I still wonder how we got from point A to B, I really must have missed those subtle clues….

  4. Errr… I did know why he killed him, but have forgotten the exact details now. I agree – a lot of plot!

    I’ve to admit I was a bit disappointed in this book, mainly because I had such high expectations, and well, I didn’t think the overall story arc really went anywhere in this book. I did think it was better than the previous book, but not as good as the earlier ones.

    Re the cover, she’s just been published in the UK – here’s the UK cover for “Dead as a Doornail” – it’s rather different, isn’t it?

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