One small tip for a Happy Marriage

I have been married for 22, almost 23 years. I would like to pass along a tip that has helped keep us together.

I learned a very long time ago that as much as my husband loves me and SHOULD know me enough to be able pick out great gifts for me, he simply cannot. He is totally freaking clueless as to what makes a thoughtful and appropriate birthday and holiday gift for me — the mother of his children, his lifetime helpmate who is always at his side.

So I have found a way to make myself happy and have peace in my marriage. I either pick out my gifts myself and buy them, give him a detailed list of what I want, where you can find it and how much it costs or I make my teenage daughters go with him.

That little step has really helped because he hates shopping and really hates that I return almost everything he buys for me. I am happy when I pick my own gifts and he is happy because really guys for the most part don’t put as much importance into the significance of a gift.

Hopefully your husband/significant other has good taste and can pick the perfect gift, if not give him/her a break they really can’t help it. They still love you.

So Mother’s day is coming up and here is what he is going to be told to buy me.

I recently joined a gym to get rid of all this excess baby fat (who cares that my youngest baby is 16, it is baby fat and I am sticking to that story). I have decided to get an MP3 player so that my time at the gym is less painful. I love music, but as you can guess I love books way more. I am thinking that using the MP3 player to listen to books on tape will give me an excuse to listen to an hours worth of book without feeling guilty. One whole hour for my family not to complain that I am reading again, because they will think that I am working out for my health, but in reality I am getting in one additional hour of book time. Yeah for me…

So for Mothers Day I want a one year subscription to
In addition I noticed on that with a one year membership to you get a $100 gift certificate off certain MP3 players. I can get a MP3 player and up to 12 audio downloads for slightly more than $145.00.

I am putting together the email to hubby now with all the appropriate links and detailed directions.

One last thing to remember — I will not get offended when pulls out the same line he has used every year at Mother’s Day. — You are not my mother, I don’t HAVE to buy you anything. — Only to follow with my line that I don’t HAVE to give him any either, — if you know what I mean. :>)

One thought on “One small tip for a Happy Marriage”

  1. I know where you are coming from. My husband tries but to no avail does he get it unless I give directions. Last Christmas, I asked for a watch. Since I wasn’t with him, he called and got a description of what I wanted while standing at the counter looking at them. But I love him for his effort.

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