If You Dare-Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole

Courtland MacCarrick is a ruthless mercenary with a family curse predicting that he and his three brothers will never have a woman or family. Annalia Llorente was the product of a supposed hot blooded Castilian mother and has lived her life trying to deny her nature.

Annalia and Court first meet when an attempt is made on his life by his current employer, Pascal. Court has defied his employer’s ever increasing madness and bearly escapes with his life. While jumping into a river he is washed downstream into Annalias life. She finds him and though she dispises Scots and their merceranarie ways, she just cannot let him die.

I have never read Kresley Cole, but have a few of her titles on my TBR list. Since this was the newest, I decided to try it first. I liked the writing style and story but was not overly awed. Being that I have been in a major slump in my reading attitude lately I suspect this may be a good read and will definately watch for the other two brothers stories. I liked Annalias determination and fire. She was able to fight Cole and catch this seasoned merceranie off guard while repeatly trying to escape to save her brother. There is also a secondary love story between Annalias brother and Pascal’s daughter that rounded out the story.

Overall I give this a B-

The cover is kind-of sort-of hot. I don’t hate it, I don’t love it.

2 thoughts on “If You Dare-Kresley Cole”

  1. Oh goodness, I can’t wait to read this book! I’ve heard so many good things about this author and this book that it’s got me giddy with anticipation! =)

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