Pet Peeve – Nothing Like Morning Breath

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a romance characters sleep together then immediately wake up and make morning nookie. It is not the morning nookie that I object to, it is the morning breath I just know they have. EEEWWWW….

So the Donald on Apprentice is challenging his group to market a new mouthwash that eliminates morning breath. From now on I will pretend that the characters have used Smartmouth before going to bed the night before.

Wonder if it works, cause I hate that skanky morning breath.

7 thoughts on “Pet Peeve – Nothing Like Morning Breath”

  1. Ha! That’s so true, the morning breath. When characters start going at it first thing in the morning, it kind of pulls me out of the story, just a wee bit. Then I figure, what the hell-it’s just a book. LOL

  2. Don’t you just cringe when you read one of the “wrong bed” stories when the hero or heroine go to bed drunk and wake up wrapped up in each others arms all snug and cuddly (even though they probably didn’t do anything). You know they have really bad alcohol breath, really full bladders, and were probably snorning like a sailor all night, not to mention the spins when they try to move, but here they are nuzzling each other…. Oh yech…

  3. I KNOW!!! Blech. It grosses me out. Yuck.
    I’m all for morning sex, DH and I do it often. There is no mouth kissing though. Not till after toothbrushes have been used.

  4. LOL, dude this is so funny…because I think the same things when I’m reading books that have this in them. It always bothers me that they talk about how sweet they taste so early in the morning, everytime I read something like this, I’m thinking, “yeah right liar!”


  5. I am here, just have been in a slump lately, nothing I read has been noteworthy (good or bad – just blah). The last few days has picked up and I should have something in a day or two.

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