The Dream-Hunter – Sherrilyn Kenyon

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I love to read (alot) and since it is some time between new series sometimes I get lost and need a refresher. I think to understand this book you have to had recently read ALL the previous books and spent lots of time on Kenyon’s website to understand all the different races/gods/half-gods/demi-gods whatever….. Several chapters in and I was thoroughly confused and it was not an easy fix to get on board.

Other aspects of what I have read so far just don’t cut it for me.

1. Megeara’s dad was crazy into finding Atlantis, she didn’t believe it existed and highly resents him for it. Upon his death he leaves her a coin and she immediately believes him and changes her whole outlook. It is explained that he didn’t show the coin earlier because she would not have believed it THEN. Yet it took one look know and suddenly she believes? Why the sudden change? If she was not going to believe when he was alive, why believe now?

2. If Skoto/Oneroi feel nothing but pain, why are they into sex to begin with? Isn’t sex pleasure. If they didn’t feel it why are they so good at it? If you are numb to pleasure how does the male plumbing work in the first place? Maybe that is explained later.

I may try to finish this later, but honestly I have way too many books to read. I am not a stupid person and can hold large amounts of relevant facts in my head. Trying to keep up with this world is just not important enough for me. It is just a fictional story darn it. I want a few hours of entertainment, not an complex fantasy world that I need to invest in and cultivate with online websites, message boards, flowcharts and readers guides. Don’t make me work too hard for for my relaxation. I love to learn and will probably be a lifelong student, but really don’t want to have to study so that I can read a Romance Novel.

Grade: DNF

I also had a hard time with the cover. To me, it look like the models head is too squat. And what is he storing in his cheeks a golf ball? Maybe the model had an untreated abcess when they took the cover shot. Jeeze I hate being a picky bitch.

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5 thoughts on “The Dream-Hunter – Sherrilyn Kenyon”

  1. I am so relieved to find somebody who was as disappointed as I was. I didn’t read the whole thing either- but did skip to last chapter.

  2. Aww, I read this book and really enjoyed it but you’re right…how are the Oneroi/Skoti allowed to feel pleasure from sex but not anything else? They probably mentioned why in the book but it’s been a few books since I’ve read this one and I forgot already. =)

  3. I found the book to be pretty good. I personally like the Dark-hunters/Were-hunters better than the Dream-hunters. I read the Dream-hunter in it’s entirity and I agree that you would have to read her entire series to know the references in the book related to god/demigods, etc. I truley love all the books in her Dark-hunter series (that I have read so far). I will be reading Acheron next.

  4. I have read Acheron. I hope you like it. I have a copy of Bad Moon Rising just waiting for me to crack it open. One Silent Night and Dream Weaver were also very good.

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