Lover Revealed – J.R. Ward

Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward

I have been waiting for this for so long and highly enjoyed it, but it is probably my least favorite in the series. I wonder if the wait and expectation of greatness is a setup for disappointment.

I just love the brothers, all of them. They are truly masculine and just so yummy. In the previous books there was a buzz from those who felt the story was approaching into homosexuality. I did not get that vibe and even if I did I would be A ok with it. The reality built by Ward is still fresh and so great to follow. She has a great imagination.

Why I didn’t like the story. The peppered slang gets on my nerves. Occasionally throwing in urban slang seemed to get on my nerves. It reminds of when your mom tries to be with it and uses a modern slang word. It is just painful to hear. I am now that mom and know I sound stupid when I try to talk “urban speak”.

I have read others hate the added h, but I think they are mildly clever. However, there was one that was so cheesy I really wanted to launch the book against the wall – Phearsom – term referring to the potency of a male’s sexual organs. Literal translation something close to “worthy of entering a female”. Marissa is eyeing Butch’s package and lets him know he is phearsom. WTF!!!

I got tired of the constant name brand dropping. I hate it when constant references to name brands are used. The characters are not a company strewn NASCAR, lay off the advertising. Maybe others like it but it is sufficient to just state they are wearing an expensive garment; it doesn’t have to be commercialized. Maybe I am sensitive to this because I into marketing.
Butch and Marissa made a good couple and the story has advanced along nicely. I am still looking forward to the next ones. I hope it is V’s story. I love him – and call me sick, but it would have been cool to pair him up with Marissa and Butch into one big happy brotherhood menage.

I rate this as an A-. I would have liked to say B+ but I am planning on keeping it so it gets a higher rating.

The cover is so hot.

4 thoughts on “Lover Revealed – J.R. Ward”

  1. Maybe name brands is part of being a clotheshook. Did you ever think about that. I thought this book was just as amazing as the last three. Butch has finally found a family. You find out about his history (which was pretty bad considering he was mom’s favorite). Marisa grows a backbone and realizes that there are better things to life and times change. We find out that V and Butch are like two sides to the same coin (light and Dark). We find out that V is a Freeeaaak. Where can I sign up for that. Anyway and you find out just a little more about John. By the by did I also mention we find out Tohr isn’t dead just gone. There are so many wonderful things in this book that I completely disagree with the rating and I give it a B+.

    I do however agree with you on the covers.

  2. I heard a lot of people loved this book, I just haven’t been in the mood to read it, I’ve had the book since my friend gave it to me all those many months ago but have been turned off her.

    But, this was a good review. Very honest and easy to read. This book is back on my list of books to read.

  3. Humm. interesting … I would have loved it for a V, Butch and Marissa menage too.

    The BDB covers are SUPER SUPER HOT… SO HOT that I have them on my phone as an animated picture. So when I open and close my phone, I get to see the covers flash for me. Call me obsessive.. I don’t care.

  4. I loved this book. The story was fascinating and touching. If Butch and Marissa had not worked it out I would have had a heart attack. The love sences where sexy and hot, hot, hot!!! I didn’t mind the brand name dropping it makes it more interesting, I like knowing they can afford anything they want. I love the whole urban Vampire thing with language, music, and fighting gear and weapons WOW! I want to read more about Vishous,Tohr,John Matthew, and my main man Phury; this brother needs some serious sexual healing. I can’t wait until September. I have always liked vampires, but these brothers are fantastic. Strong story, excellent writing.

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