Natural Born Charmer – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Natural Born Charmer - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Is there anything worse than a gushing fan girl? I am hesitant to write this review because I loved this book and I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips and I hate embarrassing myself by babbling like a school girl, but here goes.

I loved this book and I have loved almost every book written by SEP. I just cannot figure out why someone who has put the same plot – (brooding, sexy bad boy football player meets mousey girl who he keeps around to entertain himself, does something stupid to prove to himself he is too good/sexy/whatever for her, loses her then realizes he loooovvveeesss her) can continue with such kick ass books. So I guess by saying this SEP was the same ole same ole is not a bad thing at all because it is why we (I) love her.

Gorgeous Stars quarterback Dean Robillard is feeling restless so he sets off on a road trip. In transit he passes by a woman marching up the road in a beaver suit — sans head. Out of sheer boredom he offers her a ride. Blue Bailey has had a really bad day/week/month. She has been stranded in said beaver suit alongside the road while promoting her latest employer’s business. Only the employer has forgotten to pick her up. Sweaty, tired and humiliated she is marching along. Not only does this suck, but she has been dumped by her loser boyfriend who she moved across the country for. She is broke, about to be homeless, jobless and quickly finds herself in the company of Dean, whom she decides could at least get her to her next destination (which she has no idea will be).

Dean plans to dump her off as soon as he can, yet is finding her lack of interest in him strangely entertaining. Dean’s boredom has him telling her he is a gay model/actor which Blue plays along with. Their verbal sparring is funny as hell as she gives as well as takes.

This book is funny, clever and sweet. Each character is well plotted out and the secondary characters as usual are included. Dean’s groupie mom and estranged rocker father are dragged back into Dean’s life so he uses Blue as a buffer between their unwanted presence. Add in a secret young sister and Dean is on family overload/meltdown.

Rated as an A+ and a definite keeper.

Love the fun, flirty cover.

8 thoughts on “Natural Born Charmer – Susan Elizabeth Phillips”

  1. Completely contrived and certainly not her best…in fact no where near somewhere in the vicinity of average

  2. I love all of SEP books except for 1. Just Imagine (a rewrite) was a total let down. I can’t wait to read this one. I just got my hands on a copy of Glitter Baby, which has been out of print for years.

  3. I really enjoyed Glitter Baby, I had read it then traded it and I wish I had not. It was one of the books I thought about months after I read it. The writing was different – not as lighthearted, but it was still great.

  4. I am new to SEP and became an instant fan (my fav is *Kiss An Angel*). I am on the Wish list for this book at PBS but am WAY down the list.
    Your rev made me go ahead and buy it.
    Too bad one of her alpha males is not a male pornstar. :)

  5. Too bad one of her alpha males is not a male pornstar.

    I bet only she could pull that one off.

    Hope you enjoy this one.

  6. LOL, male porn star? haha, I’d read that one for sure!

    I loved this book! I thought Dean and Blue were a great couple and it was good to see their journey…such a funny read, another hit by SEP!

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