The List, A Love Story in 781 Chapters-Aneva Stout

Aneva Stout

A cute list on meeting Mr. Right. This is a short but witty piece with 781 short quips. A good book when you have a few minutes to spare. It took me about 20 minutes to read while waiting for my daughter after a volleyball game.

Some of these “chapters” hit home.

6. You’ll decided your mother has no idea what she’s talking about
a. Until you’re her age.

66. You” tell your girlfriend that you have a date with the handsome stranger Saturday night.
67. She’ll say six words to you that only a girlfriend would have the heart to say.
a. “What are you going to wear?”
68. You’ll have a one-word response.
a. “Shit.”

267 He’ll play his favorite CD for you in the car.
a. You’ll love it
b. You’ll hate it
c. You’ll wonder why all men pretend the steering wheel is a drum set.

506. Then you’ll do what any strong, independent woman would do who just screamed, “And just so you know, you’re not the first man I’lve slept with who could play “Stairway to Heaven on the guitar!”

Grade: C+. I would have rated it higher had I been a fan of chick lit. If you like chick lit, you will like this.

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