Chasing Stanley-Deirdre Martin

Chasing Stanley

Cute, funny and quick. I enjoyed this new offering from Deirdre Martin. Sports romances are always fun because the egos of the athletic male are portrayed with a large dose of testostrone and no clue on how to deal with a woman (nice girl — that is).

There seems to be a trend in romances of starring BIG dogs. I love Newfoundland dogs and Stanley the Newfie is just so darn likeable.

Jason Mitchell is a hockey player whom has just been recruited by the NY Blades. He is new to the area and is having a bit of trouble with his companion, Stanley. Stan has decided to plunk his beefy butt down on the crowded sidewalk and is content to sit. Clearly out of his element of teaching his country dog to become a city dog he has an encounter with dog trainer/walker Delilah Gould. Delilah is a cute but socially inept woman who LOOVVES dogs but doens’t know how to deal with people. She agrees to take Jason on as a client and teach him and his dog how to behave.

It was interesting to watch Jason and Delilah struggle to train Stanley and then find that they are attracted to one another. They are so different from each other the relationship is doomed from the start. Jason loves to socialize and party, Delilah is suffering from major social anxiety and just cannot deal with his lifestyle. It is going to take a lot of sacrafices on both their parts to work it out. Can they do it? Oh of course they can this IS a romance, but it is still and good contemporary with a BIG DOG, goofy parents, goofy brother and the ever present gay sidekick, what more can you ask for?

I give it a B-. I would have liked to rate it an A, but I was not not feeling Jason as the “hero”. He came off as more of a jerk than a loveable guy.

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