Motor Mouth-Janet Evanovich

Motor Mouth Girl

This is undoubtedly the stupidest and most awful storyline filled with juvenilistic humor I have read recently. Yet it really works… Huh, image that. I will sadly admit that this book had me laughing out laugh — I love that in a book.

The second Barnaby novel in my opinion was better than the first, Metro Girl. We got to witness the return of Sam Hooker with a new St. Bernard buddy (Beans), along with Rosa and Felicia. New characters were introduced to round out the goofy cast – Suzanne the widow with a vendetta, thugs Horse (as in hung) and Baldy (as in hair challenged), Spanky the rival driver who keeps ending up with dead bodies in his vehicles and Ray the villain and brother-in-law to Suzanne.

Barnaby and Hooker get involved in grand auto theft and are wanted on murder charges, but that really is the least of their worries. They are in the possession of some major technology that a very powerful man wants back. Hooker’s dog has been stolen, a work acquaintance Gobbles has been kidnapped and Hooker’s dangly parts are being threatened if they don’t produce the technology. Unfortunately, Beans the St. Bernard likes to playfully take bites of dead people and it appears he has eaten the chip. Slapstick comedy abounds while Hooker and Barnaby try to save the day, yet end up in one odd bumbled situation after another. Oh and did I mention that Hooker was unfaithful to Barnaby prior to the start of the story so he is on a never ending quest to get back into her bed.

Lots of fun rolled into a single title, I give it a B+. I considered an A, but some of the story was just a too bit warped to admit that this is a literary keeper to be cherished for years.

I will say the cover is again shockingly done in eyeball splitting colors. Neon Metallic Pink, Orange and Yellow just scream tacky, but it is hard to miss on the shelf at the bookstore. Marketing at its finest.

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