Dead Sexy-Amanda Ashley

Amanda Ashley

I had a personal shopping day available from Borders that was due to expire, so I stopped to see if I could find anything interesting. I am trying not to buy new books because my to be read pile is threatening to take over my house, or should I say my husband is threatening my to be read pile again.

So anyhow, I was walking through Borders and the cover of this book immediately grabbed my attention. In person, this cover is not so red and the hottie on the cover is almost holographic. The computer screen just does not do it justice. I had to take this bad boy home with me.

My excitement soon faded when I realized this was yet another young vampire hunter chick/old vampire story. Regan is a female vampire detective who has been out of work since vampires have become a protected species. She is called in to consult on a series of murders that the local people believe are vampire kills. It is in this consultation that she meets the Master of the City, Joaquin Santiago. Joanquin knows it is an old enemy (a werewolf) that is causing some of the murders and wants to clue Regan in.

I really didn’t like this story because 1. Regan, did no vampire hunting and her status as a hunter brought nothing to the story. 2. Joaquin did no “mastering” of the city and his status as a mater brought nothing to the story. I am not sure why these elements were introduced except I guess as a way to introduce the two.

Perhaps I am getting tired of the overdone brooding vampire whom lost his only love and young woman whom hates vampires but turns out for no discernible reason to be the only female to stir the ancient vampires juices. Throw in the old powerful enemy who hates said hero because of some past dis and you have the makings of the latest hot trend in romance books. I frankly think I need a break from vampire books because I don’t like not enjoying a story because I feel I have read it a hundred times already. I know Ashley is a talented author and it is really the unoriginal plot that has me sighing and looking at the cover and saying, mass marketing of the latest bandwagon did you in buddy.

Grade: C

Did I mention I thought the cover art was hot?

One thought on “Dead Sexy-Amanda Ashley”

  1. That’s a disappointment, I agree with you on the brooding vampire being overdone. I swear I’ve read the same book over and over again with the same hero and heroine, Buffy and Angel. I’m desperate for originality

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