the private undoing of a public servant-Leonie Martel

Leonie Martel

When I received this Black Lace book to review I was not really looking forward to reading it. It deals with domination and submission featuring erotic humiliation. Humiliation is the biggest possible turnoff I can think of. Having tried to read Anne Rice’s Beauty Series, I concluded that humiliation is just not my bent.

However in the hands of this skilled author, I encountered an interesting peek into the mind of those who dwell in a different world than my own. Sex is really just sex; it is the psychology and feelings behind the act that provide the interest to me. Martel is able to provide a complex psychological view of Kirsten the lead female Dom and Simon Charlesworth the Sub using their own unique voices.

Simon Charlesworth, a 53 year old high level political figure has a chance meeting with a beautiful sexy woman in a bar. The woman, Kirsten Caine has been giving him come on signals all night and he decides that she would be a great diversion from his career and married life. Little does he know that he is being swept not into a vanilla affair but into a deviant culture that is beyond anything he has ever encountered. Kirsten does unspeakable things to his body and mind, yet he is fascinated beyond his understanding. This fascination leads to his ultimate downfall when Kirsten discovers his involvement in a political issue that is close to her. She in my opinion pulls a boiled bunny and violates the trust formed by their deviant relationship. But was his fall from grace at the hands of this skilled, potential psycho a disaster or blessing?

I can say I am still not into the whole dom/sub scene, but with this wonderfully written book I was entertained and highly enlightened. This is a very deep book (and I am not referring to penetration).

Grade B

3 thoughts on “the private undoing of a public servant-Leonie Martel”

  1. Chantal, I did not use the proper terminology in my original review and have updated it. After looking this up on the internet I should clarify that this book is about BDSM, but it leans heavily toward erotic humiliation. Which is a form of BDSM play that I never particularily understood or found erotic. Normally when I find these elements in a story I usually just don’t get it, nor finish the book. This story gave more of an look into the mind of this particular dom/sub relationship which made it interesting.

  2. Hi Angie,
    I understand now. Thanks for the clarification.
    I have never read that type of BDSM story, but it doesn’t sound like something I would like.
    Good to hear that the story was that well written though.
    It’s nice to be able to get through a book with a topic you don’t like because the writing is so good.

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