Mistral’s Kiss-Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell K. Hamilton

Ballantine books – you are shitting me right????. You are charging $20 for a 220 page hardback??? The publisher and author is raking us over the coals and we can’t even protest with a decent book burning. Lighting a whole stack of Mistral’s Kisses would not even produce enough heat to warm my cramped office. No satisfying woosh of flame, just a small smoldering pile of crap…. Oh well on to better books.

3 thoughts on “Mistral’s Kiss-Laurell K. Hamilton”

  1. I have all of LKH’s Anita series and her Merry series with the exception of this book, mainly due to the price. So far I have resisted paying this outrageous price however I am in a constant battle that I am sure to lose.

    This one is the latest in her Merry Gentry series which is a wonderful interpretation on the Fae world. I have to admit that she tends to write in gory detail and is very explicit with the sex scenes. If you get the chance and don’t mind paying the price ( however I believe the 4 books preceding this one are all paperback) I would suggest that you give her a try.

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