McKettrick’s Luck-Linda Lael Miller

Linda Lael Miller

Occasionally, I crave a sappy western romance and this book was just the item I needed. Following Miller’s previous historical western McKettrick series, this is a new trilogy with contemporary McKettrick alpha males.

Jesse McKettrick is the great great …. grandson of Jeb McKettrick (Secondhand Bride). He is the aimless, pokerplaying, only son badboy. His family has gently urged him to settle down but he just has not found the right woman yet.

Along comes former classmate Cheyenne Bridges. Cheyenne has been in love with Jesse since she was a teenager. She has come back to town to convince Jesse to sell some property to her company. Jesse will not sell, but is interested to see how persuasive Cheyenne will be.

I was able to read this relatively quickly. It was a good snack between some of the heavier books I have been reading. Good simple writing without a lot of extra baggage. Just the kind of feel good, boy meets girl, has slight misunderstanding but with the HEA that I needed.

I think the ending was rushed, but still enjoyed Jesse and Cheyenne. Also featured were the other McKettrick cousins as well as Cheyenne’s disabled brother (I wouldn’t be surprised to eventually see a book about him) and her mom.

If you are looking for a non complicated love story with a western bent, this is it. Miller is one of my favs and will continue to be so. I am rating this as a B.

Upcoming in the next few months will be Rance (a widowed father with two daughters) and Keegan’s (a divorced father with one daughter) stories. I am looking forward to them.

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  1. Ignore that question, I have my authors’s mixed up. The Bitter Creek Series belongs to Joan Johnston. It’s early, and I’ve been up all night working night shift. I better go to bed. LOL!!

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