Gone With the Nerd – Vicki Lewis Thompson

Vicki Lewis Thompson

Having just finished Nerd Gone Wild, I pulled this off of my ever growing reading pile. Nerd Gone Wild was ok, but this one is much better because the hero is a true nerd, albeit a trim and well hung one of course.

Zoe is a famous actress who is tired of bombshell roles. She wants to win a role as a serious chemist in an upcoming movie so she decides to enlist the aid of her contract attorney, Flynn Granger to help her learn how to be a nerd. Flynn likes his well ordered life with his utilitarian, one-tone clothing and his 10 year old Honda Civic. Most of his life has been lived for practicality. For example, he does work out — but only because it will help keep him healthy — which will save on medical bills. In addition to his well ordered life, he has a well ordered long distance girl friend that he is going to propose too. That is until Zoe comes along to muss him up with her killer body and true desire to show her true acting ability. She is much more than just a sex goddess.

Flynn decides to help Zoe (she is biggest client after all and it is good business to keep her happy after all). They retreat to a Podunk town in a run down cabin to have privacy away from the press. Of course Thompson has added in the requisite loony towns people, a few murder attempts and a Sasquatch family to add a charming spin on their trip.

I rate this as a B. I really liked Flynn but was a bit lukewarm with Zoe. I don’t have the next one in the series and will have to keep a lookout for it. I have been telling my daughters all along, leave the quarterback alone and go for the geek. They make the best husbands and providers. They are too young to get it yet, but hopefully they will.

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