Daughter of the Blood – Anne Bishop

Daughter of the Blood

Initially, I have not favored fantasy novels, but after seeing reviews of this book describing the tortured heroes of Daemon and Lucivar I knew I would love it.

The Dark Realm has been waiting for the arrival of their fated Queen for many centuries. The women in this tale hold the power to rule the males and have been very ruthless and hungry. Many of the current queens will do everything within their power to hold their positions of terror and authority. When rumors of “the Queen” start flowing, many are scrambling to find her to be their savior or to eliminate her.

The Queen (Jaenelle) has been born, but it turns out she is still an innocent child whom has no concept of the power and abilities she has. She continually displays deeper and deeper unheard of abilities that have the three male heroes (Daemon, Luciver and the prince of darkness, Saeton) in this story trying to protect her from the lesser queens who would destroy her.

This book delivered on its promise of tortured heroes along with a rich magical land. I cannot wait to pick up the others in the series. I rate it as an A and a keeper.

5 thoughts on “Daughter of the Blood – Anne Bishop”

  1. There are no words to describe my love for this trilogy. The third book is undoubtedly my favorite for the romance it includes … but each one, I’ve re-read several times. Absolute keepers.

  2. I was exactly the same as you – I didn’t do fantasy really, but I loved this book. It took my probably until three quarters of the way through the book to understand the world, but once I got it I was so hooked and am reading everything by this author that I can get my hands on!

  3. I too am not normally into fantasy books but this is a series that I can read over and over again. I would also recommend reading The Invisible Ring and Dreams Made Flesh which are also part of the story.

  4. Lena, thanks for the recommendations, I have added them to my wish list. I believe I have heard of Dreams Made Flesh, but have not heard of The Invisible Ring. I am going to be be starting Heir to Shadows in the next day or two after I finish a a few review books I need to get to.

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