Poison Study – Maria V. Snyder

Poison Study

For the past months I have been listening to the audio version of this story. My daughter is in college about an hour and a half away and I was interested in having an audio book to pass the time on my trips to pick her up or watch her soccer games.

Listed as a bestseller on audible.com I am glad I selected this one.

It is more of an adventure/fantasy story than a romance, but that was fine with me.

Yelena starts out the story waiting in a dungeon to be executed for killing the son of a head general. She is presented with the opportunity of a reprieve from immediate death if she agrees to train to be the poison taster for the commander of Ixia. The head executioner, Valek is the man who is now responsible for training her to detect all manner of poisons. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that is proven when Yelena is exposed to various poisons during her lessons.

Unwittingly, Yelena is drawn into a plot to take over Ixia and is able to survive numerous attempts of her life and become instrumental in saving the Commander and gaining the trust of the battle hardened Valek. She also discovers that she has a dangerous magical ability and has to keep her secret from all those whom she is learning to depend on.

I rate this as an A. I am going to put a copy of the paperback on my wishlist as I am going to want to revisit Ixia again.

I get to start on the next part of the series, Magic Study. Now that my daughter’s soccer season is over, I am going to have to come up with excuses to visit her and listen to story.

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