Nerd Gone Wild – Vicki Lewis Thompson

Vicki Lewis Thompson, Nerd Gone Wild
Needing a laugh I decided to pull this out of Mount To Be Read. I found it a cute a funny read. Just what I needed. I have to admit I was really disappointed because I was expecting a nerdy hero, but Mithell J. Carruthers is only a nerd in disquise. He was hired by Ally Jarrett’s recently decesed grandmother to protect her new fortune. The nerd routine did have its comedic relief, but darn it I wanted a real nerdy guy.

Ally Jarrett has decided to move to Porcupine Alaska to learn about wildlife photography and is dismayed when Mitchell shows up at the lodge on the pretense that she needs to sign papers. She mistakes his showing up as a nerdy crush and tells him that she does not return his feelings. However he keeps popping into her mind. She tells him that she would like to have an affair but doesn’t want to hurt him. Typical male that he his, he proceeds to convince her that he can handle an affair.

The secondary characters are a real hoot. Porcupines oversexed residents compensate for the long cold nights by warming the sheets. Ally’s Uncle Kurt and his S&M girlfriend added just the right amount of sinster plot to round out the whole story.

I rate this a B-. A fun and interesting read for those long winter nights.

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