Sleeping with the Fishes – Mary Janice Davidson

mary Janice Davidson, Sleeping with the Fishes

With a cover price of 7.99 this was a very quick read.

Frederica (Fred) is half mermaid and half human with absolutely no redeeming qualities. In a nutshell she is a total bitch and an annoying heroine.

The story starts out with Fred walking into her parents home and finding them having sex doggie style on the livingroom coffeetable. Instead of writing this as a funny moment it reads more like an ungrateful spoiled rotten kid who proceeds to disrespectfully bitch at her parents for having sex in the privacy of their own home. She then berates her parents and condescendingly rips on them for being pot smoking hippies. I almost quite reading the book at this point, but really really hate not finishing books.

Luckily the rest of the cast was not so terrible as the heroine. First there is Freds childhood friend Jonas who is metrosexual to the extreme, but not gay. Then there are the two love interests of Thomas the scientist whom has always fantazied about mermaids and Artur, merman and the prince of the black sea. Both men instantly fall in love with her and now have a friendly competition going. The plot is not really worth mentioning.

Weirdly enough there were a few good LOL moments to the the book, but I can’t say I will be standing in line to snap up the assured sequel. If I happen to find it in a used book store, I might pick it up.

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