Sins and Secrets – P.F. Kozak

P.F. Kozak, Sins and Secrets

Historical erotica with a love story and a twist. Pamela Kingston is a young heiress just returning from boarding school. Peter Rennard is a barrister whom has been left as Pamela’s guardian by her father. In respect to her fathers wishes that he take care of her, and to fight his inappropriate feelings; Peter has kept Pamela at a distance for years. As a grown passionate woman, Pamela has always loved Peter and decides to force him to see the truth.

This story was refreshing in a few ways. First off Pamela is still a virgin, but not one of your typical clueless regency heroines. She has been reading about sex from a series of magazines called “The Pearl”. She is also not afraid to go after what she wants.

In an interesting concept, this book has a “pick your own” story line where you can choose to follow different paths. For example here are a few choices:

Nellie is dominant, continue reading
Peter is dominant, turn to page 11

Pamel pleasures Jack, continue reading
Jack pleasures Pamela, turn to page 74

Rounding out the story are a cast of supporting characters with the randy hired help of Jack and Lucy, May the cook/surrogate mother to Pamela and Nellie the brothel owner/mistress.

The sex was abundant and varied. I however got a bit annoyed because “cunny” and “bubbies” were constantly used, mostly when playing with the “hired help”.

Though not heavy into any one sexual area this book lightly touched on dominance, masturbation, spanking and voyeurism. I am going to rate this as a B- for originality and for having a semblance of a love plot to go along with healthy dose of raw sex.

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