On The Way To The Wedding – Julia Quinn

Julia Quinn, On the Way to the Wedding

Book 8 of the Bridgeton series featuring Gregory. Gregory has watched his 7 other siblings find wedded bliss. As the youngest son he just knows that love is going to find him easily. When he spots the women the back of a womens neck, he just knows she is the one. Since everything has come easy for him, he just knows she is going to fall in love with too. However, she rebuffs him constantly. Hermione is a beautiful women who men have always fallen for and she is not impressed by Gregory. Hermione is convinced she is in love with her father secretary and is not returning Gregory’s favor. In an frustrated attempt to win Hermione, Gregory enlists the help of Hermione’s best friend Lucy Abernathy. Lucy does not want Hermione to make an unsuitable match so she decides to help Gregory. Little did they know how close they would become.

I really liked this story. The hero and heroine did not immediately love each other and grow close slowly. I am getting burned out on the instant attraction stories and this added some variety to my romance diet. Watching each of the characters growth was charming. It reminds me of a fairy tale.

The cover is nice, but I was no attracted to the heros photo on the inside cover. He seems Neanderthalish in features….

2 thoughts on “On The Way To The Wedding – Julia Quinn”

  1. I really liked this one too. However, I never get burned out by instant attraction! LOL

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