Don’t Look Down-Jennifer Crusie

Jennifer Crusie, Don't Look Down

Jennifer Crusie is a wonderfully talented writer. I love her whit and great character development. I don’t however love this book.

There is very little character development and the plot was just plain stupid. There was no chemistry between the characters. They just felt flat to me.

Lucy Armstrong is a commercial director who loves working with animals, yet took over a job to film a movie with a 4 day schedule. She didn’t read the script, didn’t ask any questions but just showed up to direct at the request of her sister and ex-husband. When she gets there everything is going wrong and the male lead in the movie brings in a green beret to be his stunt double. She immediately falls in love with the green beret J.T. Wilder, but we never really know why she just falls for him in a day or two. She sleeps with him on the third night, but immediately gets pissed because she finds out he has been married two times before and didn’t tell her. He even comments on this by saying people should get to know one another before planning out their future. — How perceptive…. All I could think is buddy you better run. It only gets worse from here. There is CIA and international terrorists, a cutie pie niece, a one eyed alligator, tons of Wonder Woman references, jade dildo’s and still the book sucked.

I am really disappointed and will await Crusie’s book, hoping it returns to her former greatness.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Look Down-Jennifer Crusie”

  1. I really wanted to like it. The male perspective was interesting and added an extra something, but I guess the reason I read romance is to be swept up in the “romance”, and this clearly was too rushed to be romantic.

  2. Well that’s too bad. As much as I do like Jennifer Crusie (the ones I’ve read so far), it seems like her couples get together very quickly. Which is hard for me to believe. *shrugs*

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