Shadow Crossing – Catherine Spangler

Catherine Spangler, Shadow Crossing

Fourth in a series, this is Celie’s story. Celie is the younger sister of Moriah from Shadower. Emotionally scarred by her past life, Celie has thrown herself into work. She has vowed to never become involved with any man.

When she gets in trouble in a routine delivery she becomes tangled with Rurick. Rurick is a Prince masquarading as an android. Both Celie and Rurick become involved in an plot of race domination and are forced to become allies. Celie is suprised by her attraction to an android as she truly never thought she would be interested in sexual matters. She feels safe with Rurick since he is not a “real man”. She proposes that he help her experiment her sensual nature and Rurick is tied between honor and giving in to his urge to mate with her.

The cast from previous books, Shielder, Shadower, Shamara get involved. There is a new interesting animal called a Tobal as well along with a secondarly romance for Raven, Chase and Nessa’s adopted daughter.

The cover art is good as Rurick looks as described in the books. Yummy.

This is a hard to find book and I was luckily enough to learn that the author has a round robin type list that you can sign up for.

Grade: B+

3 thoughts on “Shadow Crossing – Catherine Spangler”

  1. I’m lucky enough to have this one too. I read it and while it’s somewhat hazy, I do know that I enjoyed it! I am a sucker for futuristics. Have you read the other ones and are they any good? I don’t have them.

  2. Kristie, yes I have read the others and really enjoyed them them. I have the next one too, Shadow Fires that I am going to start very soon.

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