Double Jeopardy, Strength in Numbers – Rachel Bo

Rachel Bo, Strength in Numbers

Sutter Campbell and Josh Reed are two hot and popular college guys who have had a unique mental connection since they were young friends. When they first meet Kendal Aaronson in her shop, they feel that she shares their connection and proceeds to convince her that they are all soul-mates. Add in a rich meddling father who cannot abide with Sutters friendship with Josh and you have an interesting storyline.

I very much enjoyed the sizzling storyline that also included lots of emotion the many erotic books don’t bother with. I rate this as a B because as with most Elloras cave books it was not long enough to develop the characters/storyline as I prefer.

There is some male/male interaction so be warned if that sqeeks you out. If you enjoy some hot male/male exploration in a loving relationship this is a great read. Also there is an age difference between Kendal and the boys, but since she is still younger then me I say you go girl.

The cover is really pretty good as far as erotic covers go. I have a thing for duotone covers.

4 thoughts on “Double Jeopardy, Strength in Numbers – Rachel Bo”

  1. I must confess, I love m/m interaction, although I’ve only come across it in Emma Holly books. I’m definitely going to check this out soon. :P

  2. There are a few m/m that I have read. I will have to look them up and post reviews. One was Out of Bounds by Mandy Dickinson (blacklace). It is on my keeper shelf.

  3. oh I hated this. All that belly lifting, and food in the vagina didn’t bother you?
    Kendal acted so maternal towards the guys. Like she was their mom or something.

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