A Fistful of Charms-Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison, A Fistful of Charms

Just when I dispared that some of favorite series were total crap, Harrison comes up with a refreshing winner.

Fourth in the series, Fistful of Charms moves Rachel deeper into the world of black magic. Nick her ex from the previous books gets himself into trouble when three packs of Weres kidnap him after he steals something very important to them.

Rachel, Jenks, and Ivy take an extended road trip to save his ass, only to be thrown into the middle of a potential Vamp, Were war. Rachel makes many tough decisions in rescuing him.

I liked this book because it took Ivy and Rachel’s relationship to a new level and further developed Jenks, Kistens, Ivy’s and Rachels characters. Nick’s character is taken into a interesting direction. Rachel faces some hard truths about her relationships with men. Trent and Al are my favorite characters and they were not a major part of this story which only makes me anticipate the next in the Hollow’s series. All I can say is write faster Harrison, please.

2 thoughts on “A Fistful of Charms-Kim Harrison”

  1. I have lots of Kim Harrison books in my pile to be read, along with 350 other books, so I suppose I’ll get to her one day! So what are her books like? Paranormal romance??

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