Cheap Bindings Suck.

Is it just me or are new books getting cheaper and shoddier made? I have two new Avon/Harper books that are starting to come apart and I doubt they will last more than very few readings. Is this a case of saving money by the publisher or some conspiracy to wipe out used books sales?

The two books that are falling apart are: Lynsay Sands, A Bite To Remember and Lisa Kleypas’s Scandal in Spring. Both are by Avon/Harper. I sent an email to Harper when I first noticed this on Lynsay Sands books, but I assumed it may have been a fluke, but to have the same thing happen again a month later with another new book just plain sucks…..

6 thoughts on “Cheap Bindings Suck.”

  1. I haven’t noticed it yet. I have both those books but they are still TBR. Frustrating though isn’t it that we pay so much for books and then the quality of the printing turns out to be so poor?

  2. I understand what you mean, Kris. I don’t have those two books, so I can’t tell… but for me, one of the books that have come apart WHILE reading: Don’t Look Down by Suzanne Enoch, which is also an Avon book. Hopefully, the other publishing houses will maintain the quality.

  3. I haven’t had any trouble with my books lately, but I’ll keep this in mind and my fingers ready to start off with my letters to Avon…just in case.

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