Danse Macabre-Laurell K Hamilton

Laurell K Hamilton, Dance Macabre

I just could not finish it. I put this book down after the 25th chapter. I can sum this book so far in a few sentences – spoiler alert – Anita has sex with almost anyone, thinks about sex with anyone, everyone that sees her wants to have sex with her, everyone that touches wants to have sex with her. Thats it folks……. There is a few mentions that she may or may not be pregnant, at this point I really don’t give a shit if I ever find out the result of this “pregnancy” I am that effing bored with this story.

I kept hoping she would get back into executioner mode or necomacer mode, but half way though the the book it is still all about who is sleeping or will be sleeping with her. I am so glad this was a library loan. I am never going to pay for another hamilton until she gives us a new story. I am not a prude and the sex was hot, but really I would like kick ass Anita back. Not — lets examine my relationship with all my men and review all my fantasies book after book ad nausem until I fall asleep from the boredom of predictability. Hamilton has not really had to come up with a plot for a while. Just throw in a new character and find a way for her to have sex with them and then start all over again.

The additional sad thing that is that I noticed in Hamilton’s blog in a entry dated 7/31/2006, that she is currently writing a scene where Anita has sex with someone she has not had sex with before (a long standing character). OMG – you mean Anita will be having sex with someone new????? What a freaking revelation. It just seems to be that the next books will be more of the same garbage.

Ok, I am off my rant. Maybe I will finish this book in the future with the hope that indeed there is some thread of plot in the neverending sexcapade. Somehow I doubt it.

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  1. LOL Angie-I’m reading this book too right now. I’ve gotten past the whole pregnancy issue-do you want to know? hehehe

    It’s pretty awful-I’m only half way through and it’s bad. She keeps saying “What’s that supposed to mean?” I hate anita! I hate what LKH has done to Richard-he’s pretty horrendous in this book.

  2. Well I was almost half way done so I guess the pregnancy issue is going to resolve soon. Now that I have had a day and another book between it, I just might scan through another few chapters to see if there is any new garbage. I am an eternal optimist sometimes. I also hate not finishing up a book.

  3. I hate not finishing a book too. I’m stuck in the middle of the book. Jean Claude has just realized that everyone is attracted to Anita in some way-and I mean everyone.

  4. LOL. I am so glad I stopped at Incubus Dreams. Actually, I stopped halfway through Incubus Dreams. I just couldn’t go on. LKH has seriously gone down the drain…

  5. I loved the book! It was awesome and I hope you guys would stop saying that it’s awful. I mean come one, the first books were just boring and there were practically no audience but ever since the new turn the books took it just can’t get off the best sellers list. I really hate the fact that it would’ve been alright if Anita was a man and was having sex with everyone-nobody would’ve said anything about it, but since Anita is a girl…well you get the idea. And where do you think all the readers come from? I know one female friend who preorders the books and reads it with her husband but she confessed to me that she goes on the net and says how trashy this books are because she is often influenced by the few people who says such things; if you guys are one of those then please don’t do it any more.
    And incase some of you don’t know ALL men and 50% of woman think about sex every 3 seconds-Yes females too, not just men, it’s a recent discovery by the way
    Anyway, what I most liked about the book was Anita’s frequent sex, you go girl! I hope she has many more men in her harem. I loved the whole plot: Nathaniel growing up and challenging even the very angry Richard; and I specially loved Asher, the way he acted when he found that Anita was pregnant, how happy he was! This book is a must read, I am also aware of the fact that despite the main character of this book being a girl, more that half of its readers are men.
    It’s about time that it was ok for girls to have a harem. If anyone wants to be outraged about anything please be outraged about pedophiles and incest’s in general. I heard that 20% of the world population has this problem.

  6. Miriam. Thanks for stoping by, I am glad you liked the book. One person’s trash is anothers treasure.

    I am not one of “those” who write bad things just because everyone is doing it. I truly HATED the half of the book that I could get through. I read lots of erotica so I am not offended by sex. As to the fact that the book would be ok if it were a man, that is not true for me either. The story lacks imagination and the sex is boring and repetitive, which has nothing to do with Anita’s gender.

  7. Ok woah! Rabid fangirl alert. LOL I just stopped by to see if there were any new comments. And I enjoyed the first few books in the series because there was a plot. And sexual tension adds so much more to a story than actual sex, especially if the sex is repetitive.

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