Bad Attitude-Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon, Bad Attitude

I was in the mood for a good action book so I plucked this from my to be read list.

Bureau of American Defense (BAD) is shadow agency responsible for counter-terrorism in the US. Sydney Westbrook (who annoyingly was repeatedly referred to as an Angelina Jolie look alike) is looking for a new partner to help take down a target. J.D. Steele is a sniper in prison for shooting at his commanding officer and is perfect for her job. She proceeds to recruit him. She is known as a literal ball buster and frigid, and he is a major attitude problem, but she warms up quickly to Steele.

I initally liked the storyline at first, but got frustrated with the Angelina Jolie comparisions. The plot really didn’t hold together too well either. I liken this to a watered down Brockmann Troubleshooter type story. Brockmann does a much better job.

Grade C-

Cover: The inside step was sort of hot.

3 thoughts on “Bad Attitude-Sherrilyn Kenyon”

  1. But you’ve gotta love Tee and Joe… that’s the problem with SK… she has really good secondary characters that make you want to read their books.

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