Cantalope anyone?

What an horribly bad cover. I wonder if the artist/publisher was afraid that we just might miss the topic of the book so they decided to make it glaringly clear incase we don’t get the obvious.

Dear publisher, I get that this is a gay regency romance but the bulge down the shirtless guys pants is just plain scary. Thankfully this man is gay because what women would not run screaming from Mr. Monster Ball guy. A phallic shape portray an aroused male, a cantaloupe suggests ball cancer.

And what self respecting gay guy sports a mullet? Looking at the pouty expression on mullet guy, I image the dialogue.

Oh Jim, you better get that checked out real soon. I had an uncle once who died from a horrible wasting disease after his boys swelled up like that.

11 thoughts on “Cantalope anyone?”

  1. I have to think the artist was being deliberately over the top. The clincher for me is the way the portrait is staring at the massive swelling of pride, like, “Better you than me, Bottom Boy!”

  2. Nicolette, I can clearly understand “over the top” in fact it would really work if it were Up and over the top of his pants, but he gives new meaning to “hanging low, wobbling to a fro….”

    I did neglect the portrait. He has the same pity face as bottom boy.

  3. No, I haven’t read it. I am not against a gay romance, but would never want to have to explain that cover to my husband or teenage girls. Of course it might be worth the expression it would put on hubby face…..

    I spotted it on amazon when I was looking at a different book. It was one of those “people who purchased “some book” also purchased this book.”

    It seemed to have good reviews.

  4. Dear God. NicoletteRivers nailed it– “Better you than me, Bottom Boy!” is right. Be interesting to find out how many copies sell!

  5. Um, everyone?

    The Price is Temptation is best selling in it’s category ..and it’s a lambda nominated book.

    You may not like the cover, but the book is garnering award nominations…and selling quickly.

    Check out the publisher or the author’s website.

  6. I gathered from the amazon reviews that it was a good book. Glad to hear it is doing well.

    I would order it but I read all day long while taking breaks. I usually set my books down where ever I was at last. Hiding it from my girls and their ever present friends would just take too much energy.

  7. I don’t know.. I think most gay men might run screaming, too…
    Love the expression of the subject in the portrait, lol. Like, “This is enough to scare life into the non-living”. But kudos to the author- if the book is selling and buyers are happy, who really cares about the cover?

  8. LMAO!

    That cover is HORRIBLE, and being the cover snob that I am, I wouldn’t buy that book, I might give my Mom heart palpitations…as well as myself. Gay romance is not my thing, but kudos to the author for doin’ her thing! =)

  9. nice comments LOL. Oh my lord that bulge looks contagious. I know not every gay male is hung like a melon. If they are I want to be a gay man.

  10. Hi wonderfull cover. The thought of two men Dueling at dawn dressed in ther breeches open shitrs and rapiers ready is just too much!!!

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