Slow Burn-Julie Garwood

Julie Garwood, Slow Burn

I choose this title for AngieW’s July TBR Challenge.

Title: Slow Burn

Author: Julie Garwood

Year published: 2005

Why did you get this book?

I have always been a fan of Julie Garwood. The Bride and the Wedding have been on my keeper shelf for longer than I can remember. Recently I started reading her suspense novels and have enjoyed them. I have a quite a few sitting on my TBR pile. Slow Burn has a decent size wish list so I thought I would read it and pass along before some of the others.

Do you like the cover?

I have always like duotone covers, but this one is a bit too sparce. I also think the font and colors are bland. I would rate the cover as a B

Did you enjoy the book?

I give it a B-. I want to say yes I really liked it, but I read it two days ago and I find I am opening the cover to remind myself of what it was about. So I guess I can’t say it was really memorable.

Kate Mackenna is a hardworking women who is dealt a series of weird and dangerous situations all at the same time. Karma is clearly not on her side. After the recent death of her mother, she finds out that there are major financial problems going on with her company and her mothers estate. Then she is nearly blow up, twice. At the same time her best friend is facing a cancer scare and needs her support.

While under all that stress, in an uncharacteristic moment, she sleeps with her best friends brother, Jordan and quickly regrets it. At his sisters urging, Jordan follows Kate back to her home to help find out why all these odd situations keep happening to her.

I found the action fast paced and enjoyable. I however found Kates reaction to receiving an inheritance too unbelievable. Faced with huge financial problems, most people would not look a gift horse in the mouth……….. (or maybe it is just me….).

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? Absolutely

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Passing On.

Anything else? I sometimes list quotes that no man would ever say. This one has a cute and realistic passage:

“You thought that spending the night together and having passionate sex wouldn’t mean anything to me?” She opend her mouth to protest, but he shook his head. “As I was saying, you chose me, used me, and now you want to move out without. . .”

“Any guilt or worries” she said.

He stepped back, smiled and then laughed.

“Why are you so happy?” she asked.

“Pickle, you’re a dream come true.”

4 thoughts on “Slow Burn-Julie Garwood”

  1. Hi Angie, thanks for stopping by my blog! I always enjoy finding new people. :)

    I read this book last summer. I don’t really remember it, but I really prefer JG’s historicals over her contemps. Have you read Killjoy? I enjoyed that one more than any other contemp.

  2. Ames, I have Killjoy on my TBR pile somewhere here. I will have to move it up.

    I too like the historicals better so far, but I do believe I read and like Mercy a few years ago.

  3. Wow, you enjoyed Killjoy more than any other contemp in general or any contemp by JG? Killjoy is actually my least favorite, Heartbreaker is my most favorite but it’s funny because everyone has a different favorite JG contemp, it’s pretty cool.

    This is actually on my TBR list after Murder List, I can’t even remember if I’ve read ML or not…I don’t think so but I can’t remember.

    Good review though, I want to read this one now…

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