The Kept Woman-Susan Donovan

Susan Donovan, The Kept Woman-B

This is a quick, fun summer read that I enjoyed. Samantha Monroe has been struggling to keep her life together after her husband gets her pregnant (for the 3rd time), declares he is gay and sneaks out of town. Working 12 hours days as a hairdresser is not paying her bills.

Jack Tolliver has decided to run for office and he needs to get rid of his playboy “Kennedy” image. Protestingly, at the suggestion of his employee he makes a proposition to Sam that she can’t refuse.

Jack and Sam fall hard for each other against all the problems that politics, potty training, teen angst, and active dogs can provide. Sam’s friends round out the cast in this cute novel.

Grade: B-

Cover: Contemporary and flirty.

One thought on “The Kept Woman-Susan Donovan”

  1. This is another title that’s in my TBR list and this just got bumped because right now, I’m all about light and cute summer reads…it’s too hot to be reading anything intense, thanks! ;)

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