The Man from Stone Creek-Linda Lael Miller

The Man from Stone Creek

I had been in the mood for a good american historical and picked this one up. Miller is a favorite of mine as I have One Wish and Springwater on my keeper shelf.

Ranger Sam O’Ballivan is sent to Haven Arizona to track down a gang that has committed several area robberies. He is under cover as the new school master. Maddie Chancelor is operating the local store and immediately falls for Sam.

I was a bit disappointed because I found the story disjointed and the relationship between Sam and Maddie did not click. In my favorite Springwater there was so much tension and love between the characters that was lacking here. The typical roadblocks to their relationship were removed very simply and quickly and were only a blip on the storie lines. Even the mastermind of the gang was unexpected, but unprobable.

Grade: C

Cover: So-So. Don’t hate it, Don’t love it.

3 thoughts on “The Man from Stone Creek-Linda Lael Miller”

  1. Hey, I’m been thinking a lot lately about reading a really good American Historical…should I give this a go though? I read a good western a few years ago, I forget what it’s called but I really liked it…good review.

  2. Dylan, This one was ok. I didn’t hate it, but won’t be putting it on my keeper shelf.

    Of my keepers that are American Historials are:

    One Wish – Linda Lael Miller
    Springwater – Linda Lael Miller
    Chalmer Sisters Trilogy – Lily and the Major, Emma and the Outlaw and Caroline and the Raider – Linda Lael Miller

    Autumn Lover – Elizabeth Lowell
    Winter Fire – Elizabeth Lowell

  3. Oh I’ll have to add those to my TRB list, thanks…I did read One Wish though and thoroughly enjoyed that one, have you read Prince Charming by Julie Garwood? I really enjoyed that book.

    I still can’t figure out the title of the other Western I read, but when I remember I’ll be back!

    Thanks for the pimps!

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