Houston, We have a Problem-Erin McCarthy

Houston, we have a problem

The more I read romance, the more I realize that us parents can really screw up our kids. Josie Adkins is a very smart girl who is working her residency as a orthopedic surgeon. Her father wanted her to be a surgeon and since he died when Josie was young she is working very very hard to fulfil that. Dr. Houston Hayes is your typical focused, professional perfectionist who has worked all his life on maintain control. He is a top notch surgeon who is now Josies boss. Houston’s dad left his family when Houston was young hence the “need” to remain detached and controlled in his life.

Josie finds herself becoming an incrediable klutz whenever the hunky Dr. Hayes is around and is constantly messing things up. Houston finds himself attracted the cute sparkling, but fumbling Josie so he proposed “one night” of sex to get over his obsession and cure her nervousness.

Of course one in Romance land is never enough and the two proceed to fall in love against their better judgement.

Like most of the Mcarthy novels I have read there is a touch of humor that makes this a light story even with the tense moments.

Grade: C

Cover: Contempory and PINK.

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