Triple Play-Rhyannon Byrd

Triple Play, Rhyannon Bryd

Jonah has decided to shake up his brooding friend Gabriel by bringing their assistant Denny (Denise) Abbott to him as a birthday present. Gabriel has been secretly lusting after Denny for a long time and the feeling is definately mutual. Jonah shakes up Gabriel with his “present” and things between the three will never be the same.

This Ellora’s Cave book is primarily a detailed accounting of a nonstop one night sexfest between two male friends and an assistant in their office. There were some other slight plot items interspersed throughout the book but I mainly skipped over them as they were very short and could not be developed properly.

I don’t really like short stories and prefer more plot development in my books, but occasionally treat myself with an Ellora’s cave story for a guilty pleasure.

Grade: C

Cover: More classy than some of the Ellora’s cave covers I have seen. I despise the computer generated covers and appreciate this one.

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