Wildcat Arrows – Dara Joy (Did you get yours yet?)

I currently have 4 Dara Joy books on my keeper shelf. The Matrix of Destiny series was a long time favorite. It was with great excitement that I ordered Dara’s self published Wildcat Arrows book last year when it was announced. I forked over the $20.80 even with the freaked out cover. I loved Dara and expected no less from this book – even with the freaked out cover.

Well I have made a huge mistake. Not because the book sucks, because I have yet to get the book. I have searched the internet and apparently lots of others have not gotten their books either. What a waste of a great talent and a valuable learning lesson to me. I noticed that there is still a link on her website to order the book. Buyers beware….

1. If an author has a huge rant on her site about the lawsuit she is in with her publishers – Beware.
2. If the book has a super bad cover – Beware.
3. If the book you bought from a self published author is late – immediately contact your credit card company/Paypal instead of being patient for months. Call me a sucker…..

Grade: WTF

Update 7/3/2006 – I did receive my book. I am going to give it a fair shake by placing it in my TBR pile. The Wildcat Arrows reviews are pretty bad and besides, if I were to read it now I would not be objective because of the problems associated with getting this book.

I was able to get my book with the help of an ex-fan of Joy’s, Elizabeth who was able to guide me through a process to obtain it. I am upset that it took a threatening letter to do this. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but Joy and her webmaster should know that the internet public is not stupid and will compare notes. If Cory told you he mailed your book in April you are not alone.

When my book was mailed recently, I was told the book was “remailed”, still clinging to the lies. We are not stupid and have long memories. We can forgive all types of personal problems, but the continued lies bring everything you say into doubt.

Anyhow if you still have not received your book, send an email to joycomplaints@yahoo.com and hopefully Elizabeth will be able to help you. Thanks Elizabeth.

8 thoughts on “Wildcat Arrows – Dara Joy (Did you get yours yet?)”

  1. I didn’t order it, but I’ve heard that many other people have the same problem. I don’t understand why Joy couldn’t go through a company like Lulu.com–they would handle the whole taking orders/book printing/fulfilling orders thing.

    Anyway, I hope she comes through for you.

  2. Still waiting on my books. I emailed Elizabeth at joycomplaints@yahoo.com and it came back with as a non valid email address. I have sent number 4 email to Cory and will probably be trying to get my money back via a credit card dispute.

  3. This message is for the commenter “Dean”. I saw this comment and you other one on the allreaders board. My email address is working. Angie sent me a copy of your comments with your email address so I tried to send you an email and it comes back with a mailer dameon failure error, so that means there is some glitch between our emails. Could you use a different email address to send me your complaint? Thanks Elizabeth.

  4. Thanks so much for putting this information out there. I also have not received my Wildcat Arrows book. I appreciate you taking the time to point out the direction for us unfortunate others to take in trying to get our book too.

  5. I followed Elizabeth’s advice last year. After a second more assertive email to Cory, I received my book. Good thing, because I was poised to contact the MA attorney general’s office myself. I was po’d about being lied to with the whole thing about the book being mailed out but must have been lost bit and of course, all the rest. I am curious if anyone has actually contacted the MA AG’s office and what, if any, results there were. The book is still sitting on a shelf, waiting for me to get to a point to be able to give it an objective read.

  6. I have had this book now for over 7 months and still do not feel I could objectively read it yet. Maybe next year.

  7. I was less then thrilled with that familiar touch so I didn’t even order arrows. Sold it on ebay for $50. I kept all her other books I love them and read them still. Did the lawsuit and bad publicity sap her abilaity to write a descent book?

  8. In June I received an email out of the blue from Cory asking for my current address, and I received the book in July (2007). I was so shocked! I had given up on the whole thing. This made me quite sad, as I was ready to store all of my Dara Joy books in the back of my closet so I wouldn’t have to be reminded of this mess. I did read the book, and while I don’t feel as scathing towards it as the review I read, it certainly wasn’t great. I would rank it worse than That Familiar Touch (which I really think could have used a good editor).

    Anyway, I’m glad it’s over but the whole thing still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It could be a long time before I want to read a Dara Joy book again.

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