Lover Eternal – J.R. Ward

Second in the series and even better than the previous one Dark Lover.

Rhage has been cursed with a dragon like beast that immerges when he loses control of his temper/emotions.

Mary Luce is a human with a chronic disease, who manages to enthrall Rhage with her voice. Against all odds he persues her.

I looved this book. The characters are great without being overly hard to keep track of. Many of the other vampire series are getting too complicated for my poor overworked brain to handle.

I so want my own dragon to pet.

Spoiler alert:::

I am the only one who would have enjoyed reading a more erotic version of Wrath feeding from the Chosen female while with Mary? I am in no way into chick on chick, but for some reason I felt like there was some connection between them and Layla. I think it was her acceptance of her place as a chosen and her inability to serve Brotherhood as was her tradition.

Spoiler over…..

Zadist’s book is coming out September and I cannot wait…….

Grade: A+ — loved it.

Cover: Another sephia. Loved it.

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