Dark Lover – J.R. Ward

I cannot believe I left this book sit on my TBR pile for over a freaking month. OMG I was so missing out.

The first in a series called The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Dark Lover was about. Wrath is the last pure vampire on earth. He hates humans and refuses to help one of his brothers take care of his abandoned half breed daughter.

Beth Randall is approaching her 25th birthday and she has been feeling weird. She is unaware of what she is and is about to meet the most lucious and scary man she has ever seen.

This is yet another vampire series, but I became very quickly sucked into the lives of the characters. Ward gives a great amount of depth to everyone. I love all the characters introduced.

My new favorate character is Zadist. I LOOOOOVVVEEE tortured heros. I think he is featuring in the third book.

I am going to keep this on on my keeper shelf with my Kenyon’s and Harrison’s.

Grade: A (finally a good book after my glut).

Cover. It is played down and almost elegant. I love sephia covers. I have to say I was a bit embarrased because I took this book on a long soccer bus trip with my daughter and made sure I kept the cover down because of the title, not the cover. Dark lover clearly sounds more like brain candy then thought provoking enlightment. I didn’t want to damage the oh so innocent eyes of the kiddies on the bus.

3 thoughts on “Dark Lover – J.R. Ward”

  1. I let these books sit on my too be read pile for months after my sister told me about them. I am so mad. I love the series and can’t wait for the third installment. It’s going to be Zadist! I know it will be hot. I love tortured heros!


  2. I resisted buying this series for SOOSOOOOO long because I’m just way over committed in various series lately. When I finally bought Lover Eternal I was HOOKED! Finished that in a day and immediately went and bought this one. I have to say this is no probably one of my top fav series! I’ve already read the three published books more than once and I’m dying for Butch’s book.

  3. I absolutely love and enjoy reading every book in this series. They are also on my to keep shelves with my Hamiltons and Katie Mcalisters.

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