Hot Ice-Cherry Adair

Having just finished On Thin Ice I was concerned that this one would be a disappointment too, but it is not.

Taylor Kincaid is a top notch jewel theif, Huntingdon St. John is a T-FLAC operative who needs the best there is to optain an important object. After spending 1000’s of man hours to find Kincaid, Hunt is of course highly attracked to Taylor.

There was lots of action in this story as Hunt and Taylor and the T-FLAC team prepare to take down a deadly terrorist. Definately worth the read. The only stumbling block I hit was the ending. Two things didn’t seem right with me. Without giving a spoiler, we were left wondering if a particular character was the bad or good guy. It was if a whole chapter was missing with the resolution (I even scanned the last few chapters to see if it missed it). The other thing I didn’t like was having Taylor suddenly change her strong character into a mass of doubt at the very end. It didn’t fit the rest of the story.

Grade: B-

Cover: Love these sephia tone covers with vague pictures.

Things that men never say snark:

“I can taste your smile, you know”, he told her, his gravelly voice made huskier by his hunger.

“MMM.” She threaded her fingers through his drying hair. It felt thick and silky to the touch, and long enough when it was loose like this to frame his face. “How does a smile taste”?

“Like sunshine, Like hope. Like Truth”.

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