On Thin Ice-Cherry Adair

Another Wright brothers novel. Derek has had a thing for Lily Munroe since she married his scumbag of a so called friend Sean. Sean has passed away from terminal cancer and Derek has set out to win Lily. During the way two different plots are thrown into their path.

I think I am getting tired of the I love you more than I can handle, and I know you are going to hurt me heroines. Yada, yada yada. There were some interesting action which kept me from getting totally annoyed with the book, but it is not as good as some of the earlier Wright books.

Grade: C

Cover: Maybe it is just me but doesn’t his face just say, Yea I have had you once and you are out of my system now get your hands off my face. Hey at least the art department at Ballantine got to reuse the silhouette graphic of the running couple also used on Brockmann’s Flashpoint.

Running Couple

I have the next one, Hunts novel Hot Ice in my TBR pile, I am hoping it is better.

One thought on “On Thin Ice-Cherry Adair”

  1. Hm. Good observation on the silhouette! Though … I think the woman’s silhouette was switched out for another. However, the man is definitely the same one.

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