Undead and Unreturnable-Mary Janice Davidson

Or better titled: Undead and Unremarkable. I have to say I love the quips and dialogue in this book. There are some extremely funny comments which almost made the book worth reading, but sadly there was no real story or plot developement. I got the end of the very short (250 pages) book and cannot really figure out what I read about. Even the 250 pages is deceptive because there are 42 chapters. Add a bunch of empty space at the beginning and end of each chapter and you basically have a book with funny lines about nothing. Save your money and wait for paperback. This is a serial sized book for a hardback price.

Grade: C (really should be a D, but I love Davidson too much to make it a D)

Cover. Unremarkable.

I have the next in the series on its way to me and I truly hope it is not more of the same. I should have read this first before ordering the next one……

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