Definitely Dead-Charlaine Harris

The latest in the Sookie Stackhouse vampire dective series. Returning with the cast of wonderful secondary characters Sookie is called upon to go to New Orleans to clean up her deceased cousin, Hadley’s, apartment. Yet someone does not want her to.

I get the feeling that I must have missed a book because I don’t remember “cousin Hadley” and this story reads as though I should know about her. I will have to go through the back list and referesh my memory and pick up the missing one if that is the case.

Anyhow, I really liked this story. Sookie has a new hot love interest, finds out some very devastating news about her past relationships and as usual has to tangle with tough characters.

I cannot wait till the next book and the vampire conference.

Grade: B+

Cover: As always it was themed and fun. A bit cartoonish, but does the job.

2 thoughts on “Definitely Dead-Charlaine Harris”

  1. Thanks Alyssa. I will have to look up Bite. I normally don’t purchase anthologies because the don’t like the rushed feel of the short stories.

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