Extreme Bachelor-Julia London

Second in a series about adventure loving men who created a company called Thrillseekers Anonymous. I missed the first but did not feel too disconnected from this one as it stands well alone.

Michael Raney is an ex CIA agent and partner in TA. Leah Klein is a struggling actress whom had a year long love affair with Michaal five years ago that ended suddenly when he breaks up with and disappears.

The story picks up with Leah working in Los Angeles on a new movie and Michael whom is working with TA are thrust together working on the movie.

I was hooked at first while reading the beginning. Leahs heartbreak was well written and I could not wait to see how she would handle meeting him again. I was sadly disppointed because there were quite a few “misunderstandings” that were constantly thrown in and the action wrap up lacked any real drama. I have liked many of London’s book, but only think this one a C.

Rating: C

Cover: Like the cover. The casually dressed headless guy is not too embarassing to carry around yet leaves some room for our imagination.

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